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I know when it comes to people seeking validation, I have the skills to nip that convo in the bud and not spend time catering to that. Now, I just wish that from now on, if people dont care about what I have to say or dont need my input... dont involve me in it. Even small things

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So sorta did this as a test design for the initial shape but thinking of changing it up more to look less like what it’s based on and selling that on shirts, would anyone be interested if I did?

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In the digital network age, the difference between fascism and freedom will be decided by who owns and controls the means of communication. Is it to be corporations (and by extension, governments) or is it to be us: individuals?

If we lose this one, the 2030s and 2040s won’t be like the 1930s and 1940s; they’ll be like the 1930s and 1940s amplified by the full destructive power of a hundred years of exponential increase in technological capability.

Just found this photo of a pony suit that must be something 10 years old, does anyone recognice this fursuiter?

Can someone track back this fursuit head, i am curious about the unusual style with the silver mirrored eyes

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Fellow users: I noticed that FA does not enforce https when you go there. If you just type in "" you might be browsing with unencrypted http.

I recommend looking at your FA bookmarks and changing them to https for better security.

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Hello fellow plushies

Best wishes from a german plush pony fursuiter.

I am here to explore the world of plushie fursuiters, hoping to find like minded friends and events to attend for fursuiting.

Do you have suggestions where to start here, which persons i should follow and which other instances i should look on?

Plush Army

Welcome to the Plush Army! This is an instance for trappable plushy fursuits, and the people who enjoy them. Don't worry, you'll be stuck here a while~