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...impmon would make for a really good plushy suit tbh

the plush army uses designer fursuits. we design them and trap you in them, and they're definitely designed to keep you in there.

I know some of yall out there are into drone/brainwashing stuff, but, my heart can't take it ;-; I wanna be valued in my fantasies and with my sense of self intact

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thinkin about mom doms like 👀

I don't do the big/little thing but I am all about that caregiving/guardianship/affection >//>

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I'm a dragon because I just want to sit upon my hoard and kick out 99% of visitors from my chambers

slip those plushy arms around me and pull me in close tbh

traaaap me in a suit
let me be squeezed, by your arms

my 100th post

I can't believe I made it this far

you know what I'm tired just give me pets

today may be april fools, but do not be misled, the zipper really did come off of your suit, leaving no trace

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