having your message in chat followed by someone's message quoting the one before yours and continuing from there is some next level "your presence does not matter"

animal crossing plushy suits that gag you inside and convert your muffled attempts at speech into the dialogue noises tbh

@ceedubyew I wish there was more soot stuff on masto but we're already on the instance that's the closest we'll get to it :c

this site also hosts iswaccaupdatedyet.com

normal rhythm gamers have no idea that this is going on behind the scenes on the same server

I'm making it more of a habit to check on here a lot like I do on birdsite lol

oh shit, people still actually use mastodon

I should check up on here more often lol

debating whether to make a patreon for plush.army to help with server costs lol

probably with an additional tier where I give you a plush.army email address (most of the tier cost would just go towards your email getting added to GSuite)

@stokes I make sure my pokemon plushy suits have the official nintendo seal of approval

PSA: latexcatfish is no longer taking custom orders at the moment

probably cause people were lining up for latex pokemon suits like how people were lining up at popeyes for the chicken sandwich :V latexcatfish's queue time has been in excess of 6 months for a while so I'm guessing they're trying to catch up on the insane backlog

seeing fedi as a collective of smaller and single-user instances sorta makes it seem like kingdoms and city-states sending messages to one another and I really like that

re: no nudity or anything, it's a hypnosis and costume kink thing, but I feel like I should CW this anyways Show more

no nudity or anything, it's a hypnosis and costume kink thing, but I feel like I should CW this anyways Show more

plush.army is back up, the hard drive was full so I had to clear the media cache lol

I feel comfortable using this sewing machine, I should not be trusted with such power

I now own a sewing machine and enough spite to kinkify the entire planet

ugh when's discord gonna come back online

(this is not an invitation to pitch discord alternatives, I've heard every single song and dance but the bottom line is that it's where my friends are)

we're back, ssl certificate renewed

I should make a cron job for this, I'm an idiot

pokemon direct is happening in a bit, time to rev up those suit engines cause there might be new pokemon revealed

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