I feel comfortable using this sewing machine, I should not be trusted with such power

I now own a sewing machine and enough spite to kinkify the entire planet

ugh when's discord gonna come back online

(this is not an invitation to pitch discord alternatives, I've heard every single song and dance but the bottom line is that it's where my friends are)

we're back, ssl certificate renewed

I should make a cron job for this, I'm an idiot

pokemon direct is happening in a bit, time to rev up those suit engines cause there might be new pokemon revealed

also happy pride month

I'm very trans, very ace, and very gay

don't worry, I ain't dead yet :V the plush army is eternal

oh boy, trollian.space made its way onto federated here

hello homestuck

from my time on there though they probably never read federated so :V

me: people are allowed their own kinks, not everyone has to be into suits

also me: suit the world

...impmon would make for a really good plushy suit tbh

the plush army uses designer fursuits. we design them and trap you in them, and they're definitely designed to keep you in there.

I know some of yall out there are into drone/brainwashing stuff, but, my heart can't take it ;-; I wanna be valued in my fantasies and with my sense of self intact

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